Snowstorm makes roads treacherous across Interior

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Middle Tanana Valley has been hit with the first wave of a storm from the Bering Sea.
Starting on Sunday, a powerful weather system dropped several inches of snow on the Interior.
According to the National Weather Service, almost 4 inches have fallen today, and almost 20 inches for the month of February, putting the Middle Tanana Valley 15 inches ahead of the normal snowfall amount.
The snow has impacted driving conditions, mainly due to blowing snow from vehicles on the roads.
A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until 6 P-M tomorrow night.
Meteorologist at the NWS in Fairbanks, Benjamin Bartos, says that although the snow will taper off this evening, wind gusts can still be problematic.
Benjamin Bartos; Meteorologist>>: "The type of snow we've got, it's making the roads very messy, so be careful driving. We'll see it taper off tonight, but because with this one the snow has stopped, it will be similar to the last system we had where we're expecting some windy conditions with it, more so on the summits this time, so it you live up in the hills be aware that you could lose power with trees blowing around and stuff like that, tonight."