Snowfall expected in the Brooks Range this weekend

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A cold front coming out of the Arctic Ocean and pushing towards the northwest arctic coast is expected to impact weather Friday and into the weekend, bringing with it a light dusting of snow over the Brooks Range.

Initially, the National Weather Service anticipated a big snowstorm would hover over that range.
After a recent weather update came in, it turned out to be quite different than initial expectations.

Benjamin Bartos, from the National Weather Service, says it's likely there will be only two to three inches of snow in the Brooks Range.
Temperatures are expected to cool off slightly as the weather pattern progresses into next week.

Bartos says people ought to be prepared for the cooler weather if they're traveling near that area.

"August time frame, is when we can start seeing that shift more to a more fall time weather patterns so when we have the initially you know switch like that, and you have a first even where there could possibly be the first snowfall of the upcoming fall and winter seasons it's good to let people know so they can expect to pack appropriately if there heading out. So even though were expecting less snow, still be prepared for cooler weather and that cold wet coming in from the Arctic this weekend."