Snow and Frost found across Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Some unseasonable weather is expected to bring unwanted frost Monday evening into Tuesday morning.
Fairbanks is experiencing a cold pocket of air which has given the interior rain - and in some areas snow - and tonight it's expected to get even colder.
Normally we would see high temperatures around 70 degrees - but over the next couple of days, highs are expected to hang around in the 50s, with the overnight low hitting 30, which may bring frost.
Jim Brader, with the National Weather Service, says gardeners should take extra precautions to protect their plants tonight.
“We're expecting tonight to be much colder and like wide spread frost across Fairbanks. Mainly it's a concern for gardeners so we put this frost advisory out specifically for people who have farms and gardens to protect their plants,” he said.
A Frost Advisory is in effect from midnight tonight to 8 A-M Tuesday.
We should see temperatures getting back to normal next week.