Small Business Saturday puts focus on local shops

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With Thanksgiving over, Black Friday coming to a close, and Cyber-Monday just around the corner, it is important to remember the local businesses in our community.
Rhiannon Walker has the details on Small Business Saturday.
Nicci Brooks; Manager at Fireweed Baby Boutique>>: "Instead of putting money into the big chain stores, it's putting money right back here in Fairbanks."
Small Business Saturday was trademarked in 2010 by American Express. This shopping event was founded as an alternative to Black Friday and Cyber-Monday, which focus on supporting big box, chain stores. By shopping on Saturday, you will be supporting local businesses and helping to feed economic growth back into the community. Many small businesses around town chose to forgo Black Friday, and instead closed to focus on preparing for Small Business Saturday.
Manager at Fireweed Baby Boutique and Owner of Blue Sparrow Boutique both spoke to why Small Business Saturday is important to the community.
Nicci Brooks; Manager at Fireweed Baby Boutique>>: "Small Business Saturday is really important to us because we are locally owned, our owner, she is from here, this is her community, this store is her baby, and just us being able to give back to our local community is really important to us."
Terah Morgan; Owner of Blue Sparrow Boutique>>: "It is a day that we can go out and kind of support our community, you know, everyone in the community, and support everyone's dream because we are all doing it because we have a dream."
A few of the ways Small Business Saturday helps the community are by creating jobs. The more revenue a business takes in, the more labor is created. Tax dollars also stay local. In a study by Civic Economics, it was found that 48 percent of purchases from local shops flowed right back into the community, compared to only 14 percent of sales made at chain stores. Finally, small businesses offer a more unique product. A lot of things sold in local shops are hand crafted, which means every piece is a little bit different.
Even local restaurants will be participating in Small Business Saturday, which is a great way to keep fueled while finishing all that Holiday Shopping.
Reporting for small businesses, I'm Rhiannon Walker.