Sexual Assault occurs early Monday in Fairbanks Police Department entryway

FAIRBANKS, Alaska On Monday, May 13th at approximately 4:30am, officers with the Fairbanks Police Department (FPD) stopped a sexual assault in progress that was occurring in the vestibule of FPD at 911 Cushman Street. DEVAN THOMAS GAGE (DOB 11/22/93) was arrested and charged with three counts of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree.

Investigation into the incident revealed that at approximately 3:56am, a male (GAGE) and female entered the lobby of the Fairbanks Police Department and, after slipping a lost debit card under the closed front-desk window, left the lobby and sat down in the vestibule to warm up. Review of surveillance cameras show that at approximately 4:25am the female slumped over after passing out, and GAGE proceeded to begin sexually assaulting her.

Shortly after the assault began, a dispatcher with the Fairbanks Emergency Communication Center (FECC) became aware of the assault by means of the surveillance system. She quickly alerted the two officers that were in the building and the two officers responded immediately to the vestibule and pulled the male off the female. The female victim began to wake up and was very confused as to what was happening. The victim’s level of impairment precluded her from providing consent for sexual contact, and the victim was transported by ambulance to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for medical care while GAGE was booked at Fairbanks Correctional Center.

An empty 375ml bottle of alcohol was found in GAGE’s jacket, however his portable breath test (PBT) sample registered .000 breath alcohol. GAGE stated he had been hanging out with the victim all night and that he was sober.

Sexual assault is a serious problem throughout Alaska, and the City of Fairbanks administration and the Fairbanks Police Department take all cases of sexual assault very seriously. While in this case officers were able to stop the sexual assault from continuing and arrest the perpetrator, it is very disturbing that it occurred at all. A victim advocate was arranged to provide further assistance to the victim.

Thank you to FECC dispatchers, FPD officers, Fairbanks Fire medics, and the staff at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for your assistance to the victim of this heinous crime.