Senators address TCC annual meeting

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Republicans Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski communicated via video conference call to an eager crowd in the Gold Room at the Westmark.
Both Senators had prepared speeches about accomplishments made on the federal level regarding help for Alaska and its indigenous people.
Sullivan discussed working towards passing the 'Alaska Native Veterans Land Allotment Equity Act', which would amend the 'Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act' to allow Native veterans to apply for their government- promised allotment that they could not apply for while serving during Vietnam.
Common concerns for both senators and citizens were the issues regarding the opioid crisis, curbing domestic violence, and not enough public safety in rural areas.
Village Public Safety Officer Coordinator for T-C-C, Jody Potts, commented on why federal grants for help with public safety, suggested by Senator Murkowski, are not the solution to a much larger problem.

Jody Potts; VPSO Coordinator, TCC >> "Those are highly competitive 3 year grants and I don't think that that's a real solid solution for the public safety crisis that we're facing here in Alaska. The state of Alaska refuses to give up their tumultuous station but at the same time they're not fulfilling that responsibility to our communities and so what we're proposing is expanding tribal authority or shared jurisdiction with the state. I appreciate the funding that you provided our tribal courts for public lots to aid in states but at the same time our tribal leaders are really struggling to reinforce anything."