Senate passes 2019 operating budget

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Senate passed the state's 2019 operating budget Thursday.
The victory was short lived however, as the house unanimously rejected that budget later in the night.
The proposed budget would dip into the state's savings account to the tune of 700-million dollars.
The Senate vote was almost split down the middle, with only two republicans siding with five senate democrats against the bill.
One democrat, Senator Lyman Hoffman of Bethel, voted to approve the budget.
This latest budget attempt coincides with the end of the voter-approved 90-day session, which is this coming Sunday.
Though the session will not be ending then, key legislators say they're confident they won't be in session too much longer.
Members on both sides of the aisle are more willing to dip into Permanent Fund Reserves to deal with the state's budget then they were this time last year.
It remains unclear if permanent fund earnings are to be a temporary or long-term solution to deal with the state's operating budget.