One year anniversary for FPD Sgt. Allen Brandt's death

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A year ago today, Fairbanks police Sergeant, Allen Brandt, was shot in the line of duty while responding to a call in downtown Fairbanks.
He died in Anchorage almost two weeks later from complications relating to his injuries.
Now, on the one-year anniversary of his shooting, Brandt's family is asking for those who knew him to share their memories.
They say those who have stories can send them to Y McCulloch Fairbanks U-S.
Deputy Chief Dan Welborn says despite the nature of Brandt's beat, he had a way of winning over the people he met on the job.

Deputy Chief Dan Welborn; FPD >> "If you have any positive stories that deal with Allen, please send them our way. They can drop them off here at the station or they can send them to us by email, we'd love to have them. You know, Allen did a lot of traffic when he was here, and so that would normally anger people. But he had such a way with people that he could even leave someone, giving them a citation, and they would feel very positive about that contact."