Candidates for the school board participate in forum Part 2

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - There are six new candidates vying for school board seats, with current members Sean Rice and Wendy Dominique running as incumbents.
Tonight we offer you a final look at the school board candidates.
Mat Wade, Tim Doran, Chrya Sanderson and Michael Kenna are running for Seat E, which current seat holder and school board Vice President Michael O'Brien will be vacating.
Deborah Rinio is running against current occupant of Seat F, Sean Rice, while Jodi Rhoades is running against incumbent Wendy Dominique for Seat G.
In choosing her position, Rinio is promoting teamwork for the school board.
Deborah Rinio; Seat F Candidate>>"I DECIDED I didn't want to run against Wendy Dominique because I value her perspective on the board her attention to diversity issues and the insightful questions that she asks and I didn't want to run against Tim Doran because I value having an educator on the board which is one of the reasons I decided to run as well and I think he would bring a lot to the board. Even though I'm running against Sean Rice, I didn't chose to run against Sean Rice, it was just, out of the three seats available, that to me seemed like the best option."
If elected, candidate Sanderson says she would terminate her current district position to focus fully on the school board.
But whether it's working directly working in the classroom or serving on the board, she says her passion is her students.
Chrya Sanderson; Seat E Candidate>>"Every day I encounter a student that's going through some sort of personal trauma, family trauma. A student can't learn if they're hungry, if they're tired, and if they don't have what they basically need to survive and I want to empower my students that they can meet the challenges and I'm just so proud of them because they do some of the challenges are overwhelming but they're real survivors and they come through all the time and I'm really proud of them."
Candidate Jodi Rhoades is very interested in personalized learning.
She explains why she believes this program is truly beneficial for students.
Jodi Rhoades; Seat G Candidate>>"It really helps to pin point what children are lacking, their skills and it really helps the teachers know where to focus and I think this is a great opportunity for all teachers and for students and parents because everybody will know exactly the strengths of their children and they will know their weaknesses and then they can really focus on helping their children succeed."