School Board votes to keep class sizes low and save teaching jobs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The School Board decided to re-distribute funds from its reserves today, to the tune of $3.6 million, to maintain elementary and secondary class size, which would also save 26 teaching jobs.
This Wednesday, non-tenured teachers can expect to receive a lay-off notification.
But with the just-passed adjustment to class size, only seven pink slips will go out.
Board Member Wendy Dominique put forth the budget amendment.
“I felt we had enough funding to bring back people instead of bring moral down lower, boost on people's employment to know that they have a job next year," she said.
With a unanimous vote, the status quo for elementary and secondary class sizes will remain the same going into the next school year.
That means around 26 students in a class room.
For Heather Stewart and her teachers at Ryan Middle School, their students will continue to high quality education.
"We have students who come in who struggle academically or maybe struggle socially a lower PTR [pupil-teacher ratio] helps teachers to be able to meet the needs of students," Stewart said.
The School Board will revisit its budget as a whole at its next meeting on May 21st.
Wendy Dominique says she will continue to fight for the seven employees who will still be receiving lay-off notices.