School Board proposal to change library name in honor of late librarian

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - This week, the Fairbanks school board honored long time district librarian, Sandra Lasater.
A group of retired educators from Nordale Elementary had put forth a request that administration consider naming the Nordale Elementary School Library as the 'Lasater Library', in commemoration of the late employee.
She passed away in April after 44 years serving as the school librarian.
This is the first request the board has received for naming a common area under its new naming policy.
In addition to several employees' letters of support, Lasater's background was also checked via online court records.
Many joined the board to testify on Lasater's contributions to the school and community.
Tammy Smith; Special Education Teacher>>: "Not only did she teach so much about the library in of itself, she taught so much about respect. I admired her ability to transform students into student council members, that were just so proud and could bring that respect to that position they held as a student council member but then it carried over throughout the schools."
Heidi Haas; Board President: "As soon as I heard about this I was really excited because I do believe that my love of reading came from Ms. Lasater. I can't think of a better way to recognize such an amazing woman."