School Board Seat D Election candidates answer questions for the public

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Seat D on the Fairbanks North Star Borough school board is open in the upcoming election.

Seat D on the Fairbanks North Star Borough school board is open in the upcoming election. Jennifer Juke (right) and Mike Kenna (left) are both running for the seat. (Carly Sjordal/KTVF)

There are two people running for the seat. Jennifer Luke, and Mike Kenna. We asked them why they decided to run for School Board seat D this year.

Luke answered:

"I really want to be a part of that discussion and be at the table and learn more in how we can better prepare our students, help our educators, help our support staff ensure the success of the students and their own success."

With Kenna saying:

"I'm running to serve my community. Fairbanks has given a lot to me and my family, especially my kids. One of the ways I can help the Fairbanks community and my children is to run for school board."

When asked about the biggest challenges in the school district today, both answered funding as the main issue. And then gave answers focused on different areas completely.

"We have school safety issues that remain unaddressed despite the best promises of our school board to secure locked doors. That has not happened. And we need to have expectations for our students in ways they need and want to succeed", answered Kenna; while Luke was more

worried about diversity in schools.

"I believe that diversity is key and very very important that the students have teachers and support staff and educators all around that look like them. That have the same cultural understanding and ethnic understanding and support that they can give the students as well", Luke commented.

When asked why people should vote for them:

"I have the background, I have the experience, I have the energy and the desire to help not only our kids but our school system in its entirety." Said Kenna.

"I want people to vote for me because I'm both a mother and a community advocate. I have 5 children who are currently going through the education system and I want to ensure their success growing up." Luke answered.

School board Seat D is a 3 year term that was previously filled by Allyson Lambert.

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