Santa’s Helpers charity in need of delivery drivers

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 'Santa's Helpers' charity is in the final days of its toy and food drive, and now needs drivers to drop off the goods to families.
Santa's Helpers has collected around 45-hundred toys, books, and games to deliver to almost 9-hundred children in the area.
This week, the crew is bagging up presents for each individual child, and volunteers say they are still accepting gifts - especially those for teens.
Santa's Helpers Chairperson, Bill Hunt, says they have gotten over 300 requests from families in need, but only had enough donations to cover around 250.
Hunt says they are hoping to increase that number in 2018 by continuing to take donations all year long.
A volunteer at the charity, Laura Houger, explained what being a delivery driver this Sunday would entail.
Laura Houger; Volunteer - Santa's Helpers>>: "We aren't going to start delivering until about 12 or 1 in the afternoon and continue into the evening until they are done. So they (the volunteers) would come by, we are hoping for 75 drivers, that would allot three families to be delivered to by that driver. The volunteers will go by and pick up the gifts with the foodboxes at the foodbank, then they will do their deliveries and then we will thank them and then they will go home."
If you would like to help sort gifts this week, or be a delivery driver on Sunday, call the Santa's Helpers Volunteer Line at 457-1934