Rural energies conference to explore solutions for Alaska communities

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Energy stakeholders from around the state are coming to Fairbanks to talk about what organizers describe as 'safe, reliable, and affordable energy solutions.
Governor Bill Walker is the keynote speaker at the Alaska Rural Energy Conference.
It's a three day event that pulls in about 400 people from over 75 Alaskan communities.
Amongst a rocky economy and the potential impacts of climate change, this conference aims to maintain, build, and improve future energy systems in Alaska.
Speakers and participants will discuss their visions for the future, and break them down into project finance, operations, workforce, and more.
Gwen Holdmann, the director of the 'Alaska Center for Energy and Power', says Fairbanksans are welcome to attend, and will have three different tracks of focus to choose from.
Gwen Holdmann; Director of Alaska Center for Energy and Power>>: "So this is a kind of event that would appeal to folks who might be interested in developing some sort of energy-related project. A lot of the participants are folks who are actively engaged in energy project development in their own communities, so this is an avenue for them to share information and projects they've already developed, so we can all benefit from lessons learned from other projects. And then also looking ahead at new technologies, new opportunities, new collaborations that can result in really successful energy projects in the future."