Rural Alaska District Selected for 21st Century Technology Training

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Just about everyone in America has a cellphone these days, but for people in rural Alaska, they're hard to come by. In fact, there's only one person in the village of Hughes that has a cell phone. When it comes to modern technology, rural villages are often left behind.
Wednesday , teachers and district staff from the Yukon and Koyukuk school district got trained in emerging technologies like 3D printing and robots. This kind of education is valuable for undeserved students in small communities with technology challenges. They'll integrate relevant technology solutions into the school's programs, hoping to advance the students education and '21st century skills.'
"The other thing that we're doing here, outside of the teacher training, is actually working with the IT staff of the district and helping them. We brought in some engineers, and they're able to help the district tackle some of their IT challenges that they are having and help them come up with some creative solutions," said Nicole Johnson, the executive director of Pure Good Foundation.
The Yukon-Koyukuk School District serves 1,850 students and covers 65,000 square miles - an area the size of the state of Washington.