LIVE: River watch takes flight In Alaska

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Every break up season, the National weather service and the state emergency management form a team to protect local villages.
It's called "River Watch."
Since Sunday, this team has been on the lookout for ice jams and large rises in water levels along the Yukon River which could devastate villages.
The river watch team spent the whole day watching one section of the Yukon river from Circle to Eagle.
"What we saw is that the ice is degrading," said Claude Denver, DHSEM's Response manager. "Pretty much the entire length, it's not moving very fast. It's pretty much locked up in most of the river, there are some open water areas, there's no real movement of ice."
The national weather service says we are now past the date the river normally starts breaking up.
With a rapid increase in temperature, there could be a risk of ice jams and flooding.
This team will now stay with this section of ice until it breaks up - then they will follow it down the river through the different communities.