Residents invited to pizza with local law enforcement

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The public was invited to come and share a slice with local law enforcement as part of "Pizza with the Po Po" this Saturday.

The event was hosted by the Fairbanks Police Department and was held in their parking lot.

Many other agencies were there including Alaska State Troopers, the North Pole Police department, Military Police, Volunteers in Policing and more. The public was invited to tour different law enforcement automobiles, from squad cars to an Emergency Rescue Vehicle.

Although there are other events similar to this one, this is the first "Pizza with the Po Po" in the state of Alaska. Fairbanks Deputy Police Chief, Dan Welborn, says they chose to have the event midday on a Saturday to accommodate people who normally can’t make the "Coffee with the Cop." Much like its coffee predecessor, this event allows the public to come and ask officers about their line of work.

“Some of these officers have been on the job for less than a year... other officers have been for ten, fifteen, even twenty, twenty-five plus years," said Welborn. "You can just dig into their past a little bit, ask them some questions about their experiences throughout the year, the various calls they have gone on, just things happening with police in general. We're happy to field those all day long.”

The police department is thinking of doing another "Pizza with the Po Po" event, but wasn't certain when it might be.

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