Residents have opportunity to ask DEC officials questions about Serious SIP

FAIRBANKS, Alaska State Air Quality officials will be in Fairbanks Tuesday night to answer residents’ questions regarding the Serious State Implementation Plan or SIP. The open house will have a question and answer period with program managers at tables to answer questions about the topics in the SIP that they work on.

Wood-burning stoves give the Fairbanks, Alaska, area some of the worst winter air pollution in the country. February 16, 2013|By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times

On Wednesday there will be formal public hearing opportunities for borough residents to voice their opinions on the regulations proposed in the SIP. The formal public hearing on Wednesday June 26 from 12-1:30 p.m. and 5-8 p.m. will have no question and answer period, will just be taking statements from the public, according to Heil.

Cindy Heil Air Quality Program Manager with the DEC says they want the DEC officials to help answer any questions residents might have. "The SIP is a very large document, it was written to meet the federal requirements, it was written for EPA, it's hard for the general public to figure out what's important, what do they need to focus on, this is their opportunity to come in and ask questions and get more details," said Heil.

The public comment period for statements outside of this formal public hearing process will go until late July. Heil says that all questions and public testimony will be posted on the website so that everyone can read them to be informed. To submit public comments electronically:

For more information about the Serious SIP and providing public comment: