Rep. Tammie Wilson comments on PFD formula changes ahead of holiday break

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska We are nine days into the Special Session and not much been resolved.

When Governor Mike Dunleavy called for the session last week, he put five things on his proclamation: education funding, a crime reform bill, a mental health budget, a capital budget and an operating budget. The only item that has passed the House floor is the criminal reform bill HB 49. That bill still has to make it through the Senate, and the Senate has not approved any bill so far.

The Governor expressed his disappointment with the Legislature on Social Media today on their lack of progress.

We spoke to North Pole Representative, Tammie Wilson, who said she feels the legislature is on track to finish their work within the 30 day limit.

We also spoke to her about the controversial House Bill 1005, which calls into question the PFD calculation. She started out by reiterating that the bill calls for a full PFD this year. She went on to say the reason the bill was brought up was because the state has not paid out the full PFD in the past three years, and that if the state does not feel like they could deal with the current calculation, maybe it should be changed.

“What I heard from public testimony was that the public wants it to go to a vote,” said Representative Wilson. “So whatever that formula, whether were talking about the current formula going into the constitution or looking at making any kind of changes to the formula, that at the end of the day, it shouldn't be just about the legislature making that vote, but people should have that opportunity at the pole."

Amendments to the bill are due Monday, and it's unclear what the future of HB 1005 will be.

The Legislature will reconvene on Tuesday after Memorial Day.