Relay for Life; rally against cancer

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Relay for Life is a Celebration for those who have survived cancer, motivation for those in treatment, and remembrance of those who have lost the fight. Fairbanks' Relay for Life is taking place today. Unlike years past, this will not be a 24 hour event, but rather it will end at midnight. The event raises money for the American Cancer Society to continue search on one the world's biggest killers. Relay for Life also strives to teach prevention methods to those without the disease.

This year Event Chair, Natashia Kates, has been involved with Relay for 14 years. She says she got involved with the event after her aunt died from cancer. She went on to speak about one of the common misconceptions of the event, and why she believes others should get involved.

"A lot of the misconception about Relay is they think that they have to run, that it's a relay race, and it's not that at all," said Natashia Kates. "You can run, walk, go find a tent with your friends to sit in and have a chat if you want to. I don't think I've met a single person, who hasn't been touched by cancer in one way or another. So, because were all affected by cancer, I think it's important that we all come together to try to fight back against."

We also spoke to one of the Participants of the event, Cynthia Coty. She says that both her father and husband died to cancer, and that after she herself was diagnosed in 20- 10, she began going to Relay for Life. Coty went on to says she keeps going every year to support those in treatment, and she encourages the community to do the same.

"Do it," began Coty. "You can be with a family of survivors, a family of supporters, to help get the word out that Relay is important, the American Cancer society is an important thing to help those of us who need the help."