Recycling for a healthier Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - As you take the time to clean your home this spring, be mindful of the things that are thrown away.
Many everyday items can be reused or recycled - and it's as easy as a drive down the Johansen.
From cardboard products to plastic bottles, even those old electronics.
The borough's Central Recycling Facility is working towards a greener Fairbanks.
"Prolonging the life of the landfill is one goal, keeping the bad batteries and the acids and mercury and there are so many things in electronics that need to stay out of the landfill," Sean Huntington with the Recycling Center said.
With the help of Green Star, the Recycling Center is urging residents to use their recycling resources.
"The more reuse we get, the fewer things that need to be made from scratch and that's a good thing for the environment as a whole," Sarah Marshall with Green Star said.
Together Green Star and residents can strive for a healthier future for the Fairbanks community.
Green Star recently mailed out its 'Recycling Guide' for 2018, providing a map where items can be recycled.
From oils and paints, to light bulbs, and of course paper and plastic Fairbanksans have several resources to make the interior a cleaner place.