Recall grounds found factually and legally insufficient resulting in denial of certification

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JUNEAU, Alaska (KTVF) Attorney General Kevin G. Clarkson completed the legal review of the application for recall of Governor Michael J. Dunleavy and concluded that the statement of grounds for recall failed to meet the factual and legal requirements under the controlling statutes.

There were sufficient qualifying signatures and the technical requirements of the recall statutes were met, but the Department of Law concluded the statement of grounds for recall was both factually and legally insufficient to meet the statutory grounds for recall. Based on the legal review from the Department of Law, the Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai denied certification of the application.

The recall application was submitted on September 5, 2019. Director Fenumiai requested that the Department of Law complete its legal review within 60 days, despite the lack of any statutory timeline to make a decision. The Department of Law met the requested timeline and submitted its opinion to the director on November 4, 2019.

Today, the director notified the sponsors that, based on the conclusions in the Attorney General Opinion, certification was denied. The sponsors, and any other interested party, have 30 days to challenge the denial of certification.

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