Real IDs required for traveling starting Oct. 2020

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Starting January 2, 2019, Alaskans can start transitioning to Real ID compliant licenses at the Division of Motor Vehicles. Real ID compliant identification will be required to get through TSA, as well as for access to military installations and other federal properties starting October 1, 2020. Opting in to Real ID will be voluntary.

If your current license does not expire until after October 2020, but you would like to opt in, you will have to go to the DMV and produce new documentation in order to receive a new Real ID compliant license.

Director of the State of Alaska DMV Marla Thompson says they want to make sure that residents start to gather the documents they will need to get the new license successfully.

"I think the biggest thing is we want to make sure people understand, you know, it's good to start thinking about what documents they might be missing, because if you've had a drivers license with us for five years, you won't be able to get a Real ID unless you come in with your new documents," she said.

Some other forms of federal identification will still be accepted, including a passport, military ID and a Bureau of Indian Affairs card with photo.

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