Rally promotes disabled services

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The annual 'Key Coalition of Alaska' Rally took place last Friday to advocate for disabled children and adults.
A group gathered in the Sadler's building lobby to hear guest speakers discuss issues involved with disability services, and the significant number of people who are on a statewide waiting list.
Representatives from the Fairbanks Resource Agency and the Alaska Center for Children and Adults spoke with some of the adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities that are awaiting services.
After several presentations, the crowd carried their homemade signs and rallied on Cushman street in the snow with chilly temperatures.
Executive Director of the ACCA, Susan Kessler, talked about one of the Key Coalition priorities, which is to advocate for a shared vision plan to be included in state regulation.
Susan Kessler; Exec. Dir., Alaska Center for Children and Adults>> "It is sort of a plan to guide the development of services, and it includes things like ensuring that services are happening for communities for individuals, for communities, that services are meaningful, and that consumers who have disabilities are able to guide their own services, that we make good use of the resources that we have in our state, and that our systems of service delivery are simple and flexible, so that they can meet the needs of each community in our state, because it is really different in different places."