Rally held for states rights proponent, John Sturgeon

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A fundraiser was held last night for a man battling the supreme court on the federal government's authority over state waters.
John Sturgeon was hunting on a hovercraft 11 years ago when he was stopped by federal park rangers telling him they had authority over the state.
Last night, Congressman Don Young accompanied Sturgeon on a hovercraft that pulled into Pikes Landing.
They were greeted by local residents and politicians.
After that, both Sturgeon and Young took turns speaking.
Congressman Young said he believes Sturgeon is a leader because the Supreme Court's decision has the potential to change the future of Alaska's water-ways.
It's been a battle over whether or not the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, or ANILCA, can prohibit the National Park service from having control over the state.
Congressman Young is siding with Sturgeon, and says this case is important for the state, especially Alaska's young people.

"Well they don't understand what is being done to them. They're not used to it. They haven't read the history of Alaska, the statehood act, itself, where the federal government is actually overreaching with what I call regulatory laws, and they don't understand that they'll wake up, some day, and they won't be able to go anywhere in the state without getting a permit from the federal government. And we're supposed to be a state, not a colony of the federal government," said Don Young.

For more information on their perspective on the case, you can visit stoptheoverreach.com