President Trump addresses Anchorage earthquake with tweet

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - President Donald Trump took to twitter Friday to address the Anchorage earthquake. He asked Alaskans to follow the direction of officials, and ensured the public that aid will be sent, stating, "Your Federal Government will spare no expense."

Governor- Elect Mike Dunleavy also released a statement Friday, saying in part, "Rose and I are praying for all Alaskans who were impacted by today's earthquake. We are especially grateful for our first responders and public safety personnel who are working to keep us safe."

He also says that he has been in contact with Governor Bill Walker about emergency response activities. Governor Walker has issued a disaster declaration as a result of the quake. Walker toured the damage with the Alaska National Guard and held a press conference a few hours ago.

Governor Bill Walker said, "I want to thank the men and women in uniform today, and those not in uniform, who responded and did a tremendous job in helping Alaskans feel secure. We were in a vehicle headed this way and every stop light that was out, it was the most respectful immediate four way stop, no one was trying to panic, or this, or that, and it was just a very orderly process of moving about the city at a very challenging time in the midst of additional aftershocks and people going to pick up kids and things that they are anxious to do, and it was just Alaskans being Alaskans. Thank you very much."