Potluck, dancing marks Native Heritage Month celebration

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Native Education program held a celebration of 'Native Heritage Month' last night at Ryan Middle School.
Organizers say Native Heritage Month is a time to celebrate diverse Native cultures and traditions, and acknowledge the importance of Native communities.
Alaska Native Education Director, Yatibaey Evans, gave welcoming remarks to families who attended.
The celebration included a potluck dinner and several Alaska Native dance performances.
Some of the dance groups included the Johnson O'Malley potlatch dancers, and the Minto dance group.
Evans explained why it's important that Alaska Natives celebrate Native Heritage Month.
Yatibaey Evans; Alaska Native Education Director, FNSBSD>>: "Were doing our best to celebrate it and highlight the amazing rich culture that we have here in Alaska. There are a lot of different Alaska native cultures within this place who are indigenous. Here we have Tlingit, Aleut, Synthian, and Athabaskan. There are many different groups within that as well including Koyukon and Ahtna and Gwich'in. And just a lot of different people that have lived here for thousands of years and contributing to the rich culture and wellbeing that we have today."