Police say June shooting subject was prepared for assault

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Police Department today released video and gave details on the officer involved shooting that led to the death of 21 year old Matthew Stover.
Officers say the events surrounding the shooting were among the most disturbing circumstances they have ever witnessed.
Sarah Dubowski reports
In the wee hours of June 19th, officers surrounded a white truck at snow dump near the Fairbanks Correctional Center.
The suspect inside was 21 year old Matthew Stover of Northway.
Chief Eric Jewkes; Fairbanks Police Department>>: "When our officers surrounded this man, they gave him space, you will see they gave him space, they approached him cautiously, they did it very tactically, his reaction was to jump out of his car, turn and as quickly as he could, try to murder them."
Stover fired seven rounds at the officers using an AR Style rifle.
Police returned fire, ultimately killing Stover.
What investigators would uncover next, shocked even the most seasoned officer.
Chief Eric Jewkes; Fairbanks Police Department>>:"This is not something we can say happened in a land far away, in another country, that we just saw on CNN and can forget about. He prepared to just obliterate this community."
Stover was covered from head to toe in ballistic body armor. This included custom leg protection, panels duct taped to his neck and a ballistic face mask. He had goggles on in addition to latex gloves under his work gloves.
He was armed with an AR style rifle with 4 fully loaded 30 round magazines tucked into a tactical vest. On his belt was a Glock 9 millimeter handgun with two 15 round magazines. On the seat of his truck sat another seven fully loaded AR rifle magazines.
His truck's identifying marks were taped over and his licenses plates were removed.
Upon further investigation police uncovered Stover's recent internet history. He had searched for videos depicting violent armed robberies; Robbers brutally killing an ATM guard, Bank robbery shootouts, bank robbers unleashing AK 47 on Sheriff's officers and How to make hand grenades and thermite.
Police were first alerted of Stover after a concerned citizen had seen him behind the Dennys restaurant that night. Stover was also seen walking up to a car and pointing his weapon at the driver, before they sped away.
Chief Eric Jewkes; Fairbanks Police Department>>: "Whatever he had planned, whatever he had prepared for, whatever kind of devastation he was ready for inflict on this community, it was happening."
Police Chief, Eric Jewkes told the room that he believed Mathew Stover was ready to hurt members of our community and to use deadly force on anyone in his path. The Chief thanked the officers for their bravery in stopping what could have been a truly horrific event.
Chief Eric Jewkes; Fairbanks Police Department>>: "I've said this repeatedly, our mission is to protect this community. On this Monday morning at 3 AM, your officers stepped between this man, who had true evil intent, and when you look at this, this is what evil looks like, they stepped between him and the rest of your community. They held their ground and put themselves in the line of fire to make sure he would not pass. For that, I thank them and our entire community should thank them."
Sarah Dubowski reporting.