LIVE: Police investigate possible bomb threat at Hamme Pool

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Around 8:30 Wednesday morning, local law enforcement was called to Hamme Pool for a report of a suspicious item.
Fairbanks Police and Fort Wainwright's Explosive Ordnance Disposal team secured the scene to investigate, and identified the item as a pressure cooker.
Lieutenant Gregory Foster with the Fairbanks Police Department said with Fairbanks’ history of bomb threats, it was best to err on the side of caution.
“Unfortunately times have changed and we're no longer in an era where we can just simply walk up to it and see what's inside,” he said.
This will be the fourth bomb threat he has responded to in his career, “There's a history here in Fairbanks enough where we have to be prudent," he said.
However, the events today didn't just impact swimmers, staff at Ryan Middle School also took action, gathering students inside and monitoring the doors.
Lori Swanson with the School District was at the school during the incident.
“We stayed in for a little while and then they came down and said it was okay for them to conduct their science experiments outside again in the back of the building and we continued business as usual and the kids felt safe and not concerned at any time," she said.
Police eventually deemed that the item found was not harmful, and it was taken into evidence as seized property.