Police arrest two after failed robbery and car chase

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Police arrested two teens earlier this week after an alleged failed robbery and vehicle chase.
19-year-old Madeleine Montes De Oca, and 18-year-old Latrell Washington are both charged with armed robbery after the two allegedly went to a residence on Wilson Street in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.
Investigators say Washington admitted he and two others had forced their way into the apartment in an attempt to rob the occupants of weed and money at gun point.
The victim told officials after the alleged robbers saw children were present, they left the home.
Police say they began following the getaway truck after running the plates and noticing they did not match the make of the vehicle.
The truck reportedly picked up speed, and two people jumped out of the cab while it was moving.
During the chase, dispatch contacted the officers and told them about the attempted robbery that had just occurred in the area.
Officials say the truck crashed, and they saw Montes De Oca and Washington running from the vehicle.