Police Label Kodiak Jack's a 'Nuisance Property'

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fairbanks police have identified local nightclub Kodiak Jack's as a 'nuisance property'.
In testimony to the Fairbanks City Council at a recent meeting, Police Chief Eric Jewkes said police visited the property nearly 140 times during the course of the past year - about half of which were calls to deal with crimes such as assault, drug offenses, theft, indecent exposure, and weapons misconduct.
Bar owner, Rick Mensik, says he's working with Fairbanks police to reduce incidents that require police intervention.
In testimony to the city council, he cited security measures and bouncer procedures at the bar as evidence he's serious about cleaning up Kodiak Jack's' reputation.
Chief Jewkes says he doesn't have a problem with Mensik, but he'd like to free his officers up from having to respond to the bar so frequently.

Chief Erik Jewkes; Fairbanks Police Department>>"To Rick's credit, he has always been amenable to the conversation. He's hospitable, polite, you know, he's never in my opinion been obstinate in any way. In spite of that, I don't believe he's done a very good job controlling his business model. And that, of course, falls onto us, the fire department and the City of Fairbanks.
And so that's my primary concern. I have no issues with him as an individual; he's always been very polite, very cooperative with the police department."