Play retells history of doomed Antarctic expedition

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Drama Association's expedition to the South Pole begins tonight with the opening of 'Terra Nova'.
The play written by academy award winning screenwriter, Ted Tally, is about the real life saga of the last expedition by Robert Scott and his crew.
The play is based on journals and letters of Scott, as well as the writings of Scott's wife, Kathleen, and his rival, Roald Amundsen.
Heath Robertson, an FDA veteran, plays the leading role of Captain Scott, with Paul Adasiak playing the Norwegian nemesis, Amundsen.
Director, Bill Wright explains what the audience can expect during Scott's adventure.
Bill Wright; Terra Nova Director>>: "The themes that are explored in the play have a broad range so when an audience member is sitting in one of the seats here, they'll go through many many different motions. What the play is trying to get across are things like pride, patriotism, endurance, team work all the things you would expect in an expedition to a place unknown and furthermore one that's quite cold so that chill is something we're trying to get across with the thematic elements within the space and that will carry folks and carry the drama all the way through to what the end result is."
Terra Nova opens February 2nd, and will run until February 18th.
For times and ticket information, call 456-7529, or go to 'Fairbanksdrama.ORG'.