Pete Kelly says he isn't worried about Scott Kawasaki running for his seat

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Recently, current Senate President Pete Kelly was presented with a challenge by Fairbanks Representative Scott Kawasaki.

Both have filed to run for the same Senate seat, with Kelly as the incumbent.

Kawasaki will be leaving his current seat in order to challenge Senator Kelly in next year's general election.

Kawasaki says he can give the people of Alaska a problem solver, and plans to work as efficiently as possible.

Pete Kelly says this challenge doesn't faze him.

"I'm kind of a believer that anyone who thinks they have a desire to run for political office, they should, so the fact that he's running really doesn't mean that much to me. I will say this, he's done kind of a pass almost on most of his elections and this won't be a pass. He has no idea what's coming for him because of the nature of the campaigns that he's run before which have all been nice guy campaigns. I've been in plenty of campaigns. I try to stick with the truth and if my opponent has done things that are worthy of criticism they will be criticized. A lot of times people get into races and are afraid to criticizes their opponent because they're afraid to get into a fight. Ultimately campaigns are a fight. They're part of how we keep our country together in a bloodless fashion is by fighting it out in campaigns, where we have wars of words instead of the unpleasant alternatives."