Parks and Recreation website upgraded to be more accommodating

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The site launched January 2 and is now giving patrons an opportunity to register, make payments and view online calendars over the web. The new software shows a list of the borough's facilities, including pavilions and parks, as well as scheduling options for those wanting to make reservations for swim lessons, birthday parties and other events.

The borough's Parks and Recreation director, Michael Bork, says the website is an upgrade to get the borough up to speed with the 21st Century.

"Basically all of our business functions as far as if you want to reserve an ice house right now or a shelter or if you are having a wedding reception or if you want to do really anything that we do. You are now doing it with the ability to do it, at least initiate most of that online," Bork said.

For more information about the website you can visit