Only Time Will Tell… Nenana Ice Classic makes history

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 2019 Nenana Ice Classic tripod made history as it fell into the Nenana River early Sunday morning at 12:21 AM

This annual event has been keeping people guessing for 102-years.

April 14th is six days earlier than the previous record of April 20th, set in 1940 and repeated in 1998.

This year, thousands of residents placed their guesses for the time and date of when the tripod would fall. The warmer spring temperatures also had residents rushing to grab last minute tickets, making for a record amount of tickets sold.

Manager of the Nenana Ice Classic, Cherrie Forness, says normally it takes until about May first to process the tickets and learn who the winner -- or winners -- are.

"Definitely by the first of May, we should know, but I think we had record sales this year too so it's going to take us longer to process everything," said Forness.

According to the Nenana Ice Classic's website, no winner will be contacted until all of the tickets are entered into the database in about two and a half weeks.