North Pole mayor Ward sets sights on borough's top seat

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - North Pole Mayor Bryce Ward is planning on a run for the top seat in the Fairbanks North Star Borough.
Ward's second term as mayor of the town where it's Christmas every day is up next year.
This week, he filed a letter of intent with the state signaling his plan to run for borough mayor in October 2018.
Ward says his decision to seek the office was partly driven by current Borough Mayor Karl Kassel's decision to not run for re-election next year.
Ward says he'd like to keep the borough on a stable track as the state deals with a massive budget deficit that has put a pinch on municipal finances and community revenue sharing.
Ward is 31-years-old and grew up in Fairbanks, graduating in 2004 from Lathrop High School.
In addition to being North Pole mayor, he runs a small contracting company.