North Pole Mayor Ward speaks on run for top borough seat

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - North Pole Mayor Bryce Ward announced last week he plans to run for borough mayor in 2018.
We caught up with him today to talk about what made him decide to seek the municipality's top office.
Ward says he knows the state's fiscal crisis will make the borough mayor job difficult.
But he says he's up for the challenge.
Bryce Ward; Mayor, City of North Pole>>: "I think that, you know, being an elected official in municipal government right now is a difficult time, as it is probably on a statewide level as well, with the budget situation. And I feel that in North Pole, we've been dealt the same bunch of apples, if you will, as everyone else, and sometimes that's been difficult and challenging, and we've been able to make the best of it. And I think really, when it comes to our community, one of the things that we need to do that we haven't necessarily been terribly strong at in the past is we need to come together and realize that this is what we've got, and we have to make the best of it."