Nonprofits suffer under veto

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Governor's Veto was signed into law last Friday, and as time passes, we are stilling learning the affects it may have. Jason Kempthorne, Chair of the Housing and Homeless Coalition, says that nonprofits across the state had their funding drastically reduced by the veto. According to Kempthorne, the Homeless Assistance Program and the Special Needs Housing Grant was completely dropped from the State's General Fund. That leaves only 10 percent of state funding for those programs intact. The Human Services Community Match Grant was completely eliminated. This affects local programs.

Nonprofits that have lost funding:

Fairbanks Rescue Mission - $311,568
Fairbanks Youth Advocates - $189,514
Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living - $223,339
Interior Center for Non-Violent Living - $52,280
No Limits- Home Free PSH - $11,647
Tanana Chiefs Conference's Housing First Fairbanks - $471,560
The Salvation Army - Fairbanks - $155,565
Kempthorne is also the Executive Director of the nonprofit Love In the Name of Christ, or Love INC. He says the vetoes have taken funding from Love INC, as well. The organization lost 20%, or $15– thousand dollars of its funding for this year. If the vetoes stay in place, they will lose $30,000 in funding starting next year. Although that is a significant amount of funding, Kempthorne says other organizations have been more greatly affected. The Fairbanks Youth Advocates organization said a press release that if the cuts stay, they will have shut down The Door.

"I think he's more focused on the number and not the effect of the vetoes," said Kempthorne. "We want a balanced budget and we want to make sure we are not over spending, and we're doing that on the backs of those who are less fortunate."

Other local organizations affected by the cut include Fairbanks Food Bank, Literacy Council, Alaska Legal Services, Stevie’s Place, and Meals on Wheels.

Kempthorne says these organizations will look to the community to help make up their funds.