Nonpartisan Tim Lamkin runs for State House, what he believes

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Candidates Grier Hopkins, Jim Sackett and Tim Lamkin are running for State House District 4. Tim Lamkin is a nonpartisan petition nominee on the ballot this general election. We asked him why he chose to run.

"Back in May, I just kind of looked at the scenario, and ya know what, I'm really the best most qualified person to fulfill this job. I have 21 years of experience working in the legislature, as legislative staff. I know the nuts and bolts of our state government and how it works, very well. So, I feel like I'm in the best position to represent Fairbanks," he said.

Lamkin says that although mental health and crime are some top issues the state is facing, the budget will be priority number one.

"We are going to be bouncing checks pretty soon. We've pretty much spent down our savings account CBR, and it's soon going to be time to start having some difficult conversations about how to continue to not only reduce our spending, that's given, but also to find ways to increase our revenue to balance our budget," he said.

Lamkin believes being nonpartisan will help him represent Fairbanks better down in Juneau.

"I am tired of party politics, I do not subscribe to party politics. I'm not interested in representing a party, or a block, or a special interest group, I'm in it for what's the common good," he said.