Noble Street construction almost finished

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Department of Transportation gave an update today on the Noble Street improvement project.
Noble has been under construction from 1st to 10th avenue since the beginning of summer, and the work has extended well into fall.
Upon completion, improvements will consist of a new storm drain, sidewalks, and signal upgrades.
Although portions of the road are open already, the majority is still under construction.
Public Information Officer for DOT, Meadow Bailey, discussed the status of Noble - one of the main thoroughfares of downtown Fairbanks.
Meadow Bailey; Public Information Officer, DOT>>: "So right now we're undergoing DEC testing of the manholes. This is a requirement that we have to do before opening up Noble St. That is expected to be done in the next few days, and as we are completing different sections of Noble, the testing on Noble, we're opening up those segments. And after that we have some work with lighting. That should be done in the next, just a little over a week, and then the lighting will all be done on Noble, also. So we are looking very excited to have Noble all the way done middle of November if everything goes as planned."