New phishing scam targets Alaska USA Federal Credit Union members

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The Alaska Attorney General is warning of a phishing scam involving Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. According to a press release from the Alaska Department of Law, the scammers send a text or email claiming the recipient's account has been suspended. The messages say the recipient must click on a link that will allow them to reactivate their account.

Scammers have been sending text messages to Alaska residents claiming that their Alaska USA Federal Credit Union account has been suspended and asking them to click on a link. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

The press release says that the text or email may look legitimate but it isn’t. The scammers are trying to steal money and personal data. Alaska USA encourages people not to click on the link or provide any personal information.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations for Alaska USA, Dan McCue, said that the scammers are targeting the ‘907’ area code, and people who don't have an Alaska USA account could still get a message.

McCue said the three main things to know are:

(1) Alaska USA will never contact you by text or email asking you to click on a link to reactivate your account.

(2) If you do get an unexpected message from any company that asks to click a link or provide personal information, do not click the link. He said to instead call their publicly available number or go visit the company in person.

(3) If you have fallen victim to the attack to call Alaska USA at (800) 525-9094 and visit to to report the incident and facilitate recovery from the identity theft.

Attorney General Kevin Clarkson said that, “Scammers are good at mimicking trusted businesses. We all have to be vigilant in protecting our personal information, and in reporting suspected scams to the authorities.”

McCue said that one in three Alaskans have accounts at Alaska USA Federal Credit Union.

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