New UAF Research explores climate's affect on Golden Eagle migration

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks found that changes in the weather affect how golden eagles migrate, including whether they fly to the north or south of the Wrangell Mountains.
Joe Eisaguirre is a PhD student in the Department of Biology and Wildlife at UAF, and is studying different aspects of golden eagles' behavior.
The subject eagles wear backpack harnesses with G-P-S transmitters that are solar powered and last around five years.
This research project is primarily funded through the federal wildlife state grant by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
Eisaguirre said that by understanding golden eagles migration, they can have a better understanding of Alaska's ecology in general.
"The question of how golden eagles choose to migrate around the Wrangell Mountains, it served as kind of a nice example of how weather might drive changes in migration routes, kind of more generally across animal systems, as weather changes, it's reasonable to suspect that animal migration routes might change," said Eisaguirre.