New Shuttle Service Expands Fort Wainwright Transport Options

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A new First Class Shuttle Service is making its way to Fort Wainwright.
Local veterans Duane Anderson and Xavier Trotter wanted to help give back to the community.
After creating the non-profit organization called 'Green Even for Gold,' the veteran duo wanted to contribute in a different way.
'Anderson and Trotter Transportation Company' offers two services for military members and their dependents.
Whether it's trying to impress a first date, or a ride to the Post Exchange, Anderson and Trotter say their number one priority is the comfort of their riders.
Trotter went on to explain how, as a veteran, his role allows him to connect with others using the service, especially those arriving straight from basic training.

Xavier Trotter; CEO - Anderson and Trotter Transportation Company>>"It's really a need here for that, you know new people coming on, coming here from basic training or A-I-T and they don't have any transportation from the airport, they have to call their first line supervisor and nine times out of 10 they have to take a taxi to get there so they ride with us, vet owned, just talk about how the army is and how it will be and just get them caught up with how military life will be."

Anderson and Trotter Transportation Company' will officially launch some time in January.