New Legislation Will Change the Way People Smoke

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A few places around town still allow smoking inside, but new legislation passed late Saturday, will bring about some changes.

We spoke with local businesses who shared their feelings on the change.

This bill will apply to not only bars and restaurants...

Senate Bill 63 prohibits smoking in all public enclosed areas, as well as public transportation.

The bill was first proposed by Senator Peter Micciche in 2014, and had the support of the American Cancer Society.

In his sponsor statement for the bill, Micciche states that it does not remove someone's right to smoke, but simply asks them to take it outside.

Owner of the Midnite Mine Sharon Mensik supports the new law and is currently in the process of going smoke free for not only her patrons, but for her employees.

Curt Franklin, Owner of the Oasis Restaurant and Lounge, talked about how his business was affected by the change.

Curt Franklin; "Yeah it actually affected the business in a positive way. The restaurant probably doubled, the bar, didn't really change too much. Lost a few customers but gained a lot more."