New Alaska Tsunami warning tool goes online this month

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) September is national preparedness month, and for many Alaskans, that means being aware of tsunamis. According to the Alaska Earthquake Center, Alaska is actually the most vulnerable state to tsunamis.
Planning for natural disasters around Alaska can be difficult due to many isolated communities which are only accessible by plane.
The Alaska Earthquake Center hopes to change that with the creation of the new Alaska Tsunami Hazard Map Tool, which will help Alaskans across the community plan for potential Tsunami Danger.
The new Alaska Tsunami Hazard Map Tool makes this information easier to access, especially for rural communities with limited internet connectivity.
All of this data was previously able to be accessed on a variety of different websites, but this streamlines the process
In total, 55 communities are included in the tool.
The communities were selected based on factors such as tsunami hazard exposure, location, infrastructure and availability of data.
Researcher Elena Suleimani, explains just how important this information can be.

"The best thing is that it is very easy to use. You can just select the community, zoom in on the area, click on the inundation line, click on the flow depth, and you can see where your house is. And then if you kind of see that your house is in the inundation zone, then you would call the emergency official in your community. You will figure out what you need to do if you here tsunami sirens in the middle of the night." Said Sulemani.

The researchers working on the Alaska Tsunami Hazard Tool hope to add more areas to the map to help protect and warn all Alaskan communities about potential Tsunami danger.

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