Nenana fire chief doesn't let heart attack impede his duties

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During his own ambulance ride for chest pain, and a helicopter ride for heart surgery, an Alaska fire chief helped a car crash victim to the hospital.
Late last month, Nenana Fire Chief, Joe Forness, called for an ambulance after experiencing pain in his chest.
During the ambulance ride into Fairbanks, he said the pain went away.
Around the same time, the ambulance came across a crash between a vehicle and a snow machine.
One of the people involved in the crash was in serious condition.
Forness got off the gurney, took the electrodes off his chest, and did what he's done since 1990 - helping out at the accident scene.
After the victim of the crash got to the emergency room, Forness suffered a heart attack.
He was airlifted to Anchorage and underwent a quintuple coronary artery bypass surgery.
Forness won't be allowed to return to work for 60 days, and is going through rehabilitation for his heart attack.
When he returns to the fire department, he will be on limited duty.