National Weather Service predicts warmer-than-usual spring

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The National Weather Service is predicting temperatures will be higher than normal for the next three months.
The Climate Prediction Center put out its forecast for April, May and June, and it looks like many Alaskans can look forward to more warm weather.
There's also an increased chance for above normal rainfall.
National Weather Service Meteorologist, Rick Thoman, says April is usually an extremely dry month, so if we get more rain it will likely fall in May and June.
He also says these three-month predictions are typically accurate.
Rick Thoman; Climate Sciences and Services Manager>>: "We do keep track of how well these forecasts do, in part because much of Alaska, especially Northern and Western Alaska, has been so dramatically warm recently compared to the long term normal. The forecasts are skillful, even this winter when we had warm in Western and Northern Alaska, but comparatively cool in Southeast Alaska, the Climate Prediction Center accurately forecasted that three months in advance."