National Endowment for the Arts chairwoman visits Fairbanks

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Representatives from the National Endowment for the Arts visited Fairbanks earlier this week as part of their 4-day visit to Alaska for the Creative Forces Summit.
That Summit focused on the Military Healing Arts Network, which provides art therapy for service members who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries, as well as other psychological health issues.
According to the Chairman of the Alaska State Council on the Arts, Benjamin Brown, the art therapies aid in recovery when traditional therapies and medication don't work.
Chairwoman for the NEA, Jane Chu, explained what the NEA does and how she feels about Alaska's Art Programs.
Jane Chu; Chairwoman for National Endowment for the Arts>>: "The National Endowment for the Arts funds all 50 states and helps the arts thrive and we are also so appreciative of our partnerships with each state arts agency and so to be able to be here with the Alaska state council on the arts and to see firsthand the arts are thriving here in Fairbanks in so many wonderful ways and we are also very impressed with the way the arts projects, the arts activities and arts organizations and leaders and artists are working with each other."