Murkowski addresses legislature, speaks about Florida shooting

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski addressed the Alaska Legislature today, speaking to lawmakers about problems and opportunities she sees for the state and the country.
Alaska's senior U.S. senator was positive about progress made with the Trump administration toward developing the state's resources, particularly oil and gas.
She also cheered state efforts to fund a road between the village of King Cove and an airport in Cold Bay that would pass through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge; that road has long been a point of contention between the state and federal governments.
Murkowski also addressed the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida
She says she supports measures to address gun violence, but that she's skeptical of proposals for banning certain types of guns.

Senator Lisa Murkowski; (R) Alaska>>"I don't want us to focus on just the weapon or a single weapon, because I realize that if we were to, as a Congress, to outlaw the sale of - let's just say AR-15s - does that, is that going to keep the next person who is mentally ill and who has chosen to take a course that is horribly wrong and horribly tragic, does that keep him from finding another weapon that can be equally destructive?"