Mission of Mercy Free Dental Clinic begins

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Mission of Mercy began day one of their Free Dental Clinic with a packed house Friday, and the same big turnout was expected today.
The clinic was set up at the Carlson Center to provide dental services from general cleaning and root canals, to x-rays, and even surgical procedures.
They also had pediatric dental services for those with children in need of them.
Volunteers were hard at work making sure they provided the community with services they may not normally be able to access.
Their goal was to provide services to at least one- thousand people this year.
Jenifer Earl and Steve Gunson shared why they volunteered, and what this clinic means to the community.
Jenifer Earl; Volunteer>>: "The clinic is definitely important for Fairbanks for people to be able to gain access to dental care, and for a free option, especially people who are in a situation where they can't easily gain access due to the high cost of dental care."
Steve Gunson; Regional Manager with Henry Schien Dental>>: "So, we believe in improving the lives we touch by focusing on patient care. Essentially the whole dental community here in Fairbanks, really has a strong heart in providing services to under-served individuals who otherwise wouldn't receive the dental care they are getting here today."